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Joseph Ziegler

Joseph Ziegler, the owner of this website, is not only a tech professional with a remarkable journey but also a passionate amateur radio enthusiast since the age of 14. Born and raised in Oregon's Umpqua Valley, Joseph's dream was to return to his hometown. The pandemic made this dream a reality, allowing him to live on a beautiful property surrounded by nature.
Joseph's tech journey began at Douglas High School, where he discovered his passion for technology through programs like Students Recycling Used Technology. However, his interest in amateur radio started even earlier, at the age of 14, when he delved into the world of radio communications.
Throughout his educational journey at Umpqua Community College and later Oregon Institute of Technology, Joseph continued to nurture his love for amateur radio. This enduring passion for radio communication became an integral part of his life and career.
In a surprising turn of events, Google offered Joseph a job with just a 0.2% acceptance rate. His two years at Google were like a dream, offering opportunities to work globally and live in different countries, all while staying connected to his amateur radio hobby.
Choosing a smaller company, Uber, Joseph excelled, winning the MVP award and transitioning to the Corp Site Reliability Engineering team. Today, he manages thousands of computer systems and services, supporting over 30,000 Uber employees while still indulging in his love for amateur radio during his free time.
Remote work has transformed Joseph's life, eliminating his lengthy commute and allowing more time for family, friends, and his beloved amateur radio hobby. He believes remote work can revitalize rural communities like Roseburg, where he now resides and where he continues to actively participate in the amateur radio community.
Joseph's advice to aspiring tech professionals from small towns is simple: believe in yourself, never stop learning, and pursue your passions. His journey is a testament to the power of following one's dreams and finding a way to integrate your passions into your career and personal life.

This website is provided by Joseph Ziegler, a Roseburg resident in the Hucrest neighborhood.

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